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Perfectly Plate Dipped Fruit Platter

Parties, gatherings or just because: make the moment sweeter with our flavorful new fruit platter. A generous selection of juicy pineapple slices, dipped strawberries, crunchy apple wedges, plump melon and grapes arrives perfectly plated on a round platter, ready to be served up and shared with everyone. Choose one or two platters.


  • Fresh fruit platter with scalloped pineapple slices, strawberries dipped & drizzled in milk chocolaty confection, apple wedges dipped in milk chocolaty confection & drizzled in white chocolaty confection, cantaloupe balls and red grapes
  • Choose from one or two platters
  • All of our dipped fruit is covered in delicious chocolaty confection
  • Fruit is picked at the peak of freshness and delivered fresh to their door

Perfectly Plate Dipped Fruit Platter

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  • *Same day Delivery!

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