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Birthday Cheer

Three cheers for an extra sweet birthday! Our flavorful arrangement features a juicy birthday candle-shaped pineapple, dipped & decorated with festive confetti sequins, surrounded by mini star-shaped pineapples and more. Included is a delicious “Happy Birthday” chocolatey pop for extra big birthday smiles. It all arrives in our ever-popular Sistema® mug to make this a gift that’s bursting with birthday wishes in every bite.

  • Fresh fruit arrangement includes “Happy Birthday” chocolatey pop; birthday candle-shaped pineapple dipped and decorated with confetti candy sequins; mini star-shaped pineapples; honeydew & cantaloupe skewers; and orange wedges, arranged on a lettuce and kale base
  • All of our dipped fruit is covered in chocolaty confection
  • Arrives in a Sistema microwavable mug; holds a generous 22 oz.; ergonomic, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe; stackable, and can be stored in a refrigerator or freezer; features easy-grip handle and lid with easy-locking clips & steam vent; BPA-free
  • Fruit is picked at the peak of freshness and delivered fresh to their door
  • Allergy Warning: Fruit Bouquets products may contain peanuts and/or tree nuts. We recommend that you take the necessary precautions based on any related allergies
  • About Sistema®

    Sistema’s unique and durable microwave cookware is uniquely designed to make cooking meals faster and easier. Effortlessly create nutritious meals or quick, easy snacks- with Sistema’s clever and useful containers, reheating, steaming, cooking, and storing is easy as pie!

Birthday Cheer

  • Same Day Delivery.
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